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If you are interested in learning about the history of Ybor City, you are not alone. This immigrant-filled neighborhood is a mafia hotspot and an artist enclave, but it has a diverse population, as well. There are many things to see and do in Ybor City, and tours are an excellent way to explore this unique area. But what should you avoid? If you’re a history buff, here are some tips to make your experience as educational and as enjoyable as possible:

Ybor City is an immigrant melting pot

Ybor City, Florida, is a National Historic Landmark District that features a diverse population of immigrants. In the early 20th century, Ybor City was the “Cigar Capital of the World,” producing half a billion cigars each year. With so many immigrants, Ybor City was a thriving immigrant community that offered affordable housing to immigrants, a strong Cuban community, and a thriving cigar industry. The area’s growth and development made it a melting pot of different ethnicities.

It is an artist enclave

Ybor City, Florida is an artist enclave where artists, including David Audet, paint outside of public galleries and have their own clubs. Since the 1970s, artists have been climbing the 32 steps to the second floor of the Cuban Club, a historic building built in 1917. The art colony has a unique atmosphere with the sounds of the 7th Avenue outside the window.

It is a mafia hotspot

Ybor city is home to one of Tampa’s most notorious mobs. The Italian Mafia had a foothold in Ybor City during the early twentieth century. During this time, a game known as Bolita was played in the area, where players placed bets on the numbers drawn by the person who held the bag. The game was popular, and Augustine Lazzara, an Italian mafia leader, owned the Yellow House Bar at 2201 15th Street. This was where players lined up to place their bets.

It is a tourist-friendly area

Ybor City in Tampa, Florida is surrounded by palm trees and sun. This tourist-friendly area has many things to offer a visitor, including history, cigars, and cool things to do in Tampa. You can take a walking tour through the area to discover the best attractions, including the Ybor City Museum. You can learn about the area’s history and culture by stopping at the various attractions, including its museums.

It is digitally guided

You can purchase an audio tour of Ybor City for only $9.95 online. This tour is perfect for holiday visitors, students of all ages, or anyone who simply enjoys walking through new locales. The audio tour is narrated by 24 local celebrities, including Rafael Martinez-Ybor, the great-grandson of Ybor City’s founder, Casey Gonzmart of the Columbia Restaurant family, Paul Pizzo, the son of noted historian Tony Pizzo, and former Tampa City Councilwoman Mary Castellano Alvarez. This tour includes the historical background of Ybor City and is organized for a short, medium, and long tour.

It is a safe distance from others

Ybor City is an area in Tampa, Florida, that has its own history, culture, and architectural legacy. This area was once a bustling manufacturing community, where the majority of the residents were immigrants. Today, you can find several interesting things to do in Tampa. Ybor tours can be a great way to explore the area. These tours take you along 7th Avenue and beyond.

Melissa Montgomery

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